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A cold creed


There’s many a one on the rise or wane
Relating a lifetime’s defaults and bane
In print, on air, or screen with the refrain
‘I’ve no regrets, I’d do it all again.’

I drop that front of sovereign worth and power
Survival’s needs demand that we deploy
To tell those lowly or in fortune’s tower
I’d made mistakes which sadden and annoy.

I’ve often failed in courage, kindness, grace
From duty, virtue, honour I have strayed
Yet many friends have stated to my face
That legion are the blunders they have made.

Those frank avowals startling as a blast
Suggest that all have reason for remorse
To cherish and repeat the lapses past
Would be a ludicrous and ruinous course.

I’m moved to envy, but just can’t believe
Those who maintain they’ve nothing to regret
Their buoyant bluff and prate become a peeve
For talk so hollow should no one abet.

The proper course and best I would declare
As seeing blunders for the blights they are
Remaining dauntless though you’ve known despair
And sweeping on with honour, faith and flair.


I view the forms so taut in scrawny tone
Who model dresses, creams and French cologne
And manage to achieve a thin physique
By jumps in gyms and meals of prunes and leek.

They’d make me feel rotundness was a curse
A view I’d scorch with speeches fierce and terse
The amply built have hearts benign and large
A warmth that does all human hearts enlarge.

A fleshy form reflects success in life
It’s proof that one is free of lack and strife
I tell the thin who daily dine on greens
‘I’m not obese, I’m just a man of means.’


One from effervescing, tropic, climes
Where cheeriest smiles, oft beamed and ample
And kindly queries over work and kin
Are of comradeship the settled staple
Finds in the west that after first contact
Cordiality at a later meeting
Puts the other in a state so tense
As though they were threatened with a beating.

In the west, taut grimaces pass for smiles
The giver nervous lest their effervescence
Exceeds the other’s by touch, nod or look,
Stints handshakes, chuckles and invitations
The stranger learns that to ignore friends
Or bestow at most a stiff, aloof nod
Accords with general mores, seals up
His gaiety like cocoa beans in the pod.

© Reginald Ofodile 




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