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Bieber Fever

I started out just by talking about Justin to random people at school to see if they would have any connections. Next, I requested friends of friends of my friends on Facebook until I found Max, who had multiple pictures with him. It seemed like Max was legitimate, so I started a conversation with him:
“Hey ?.”
“Hi… do I know you??”
“No, but I’m Amy and I think you’re kinda cute.”
“…Okay. Thanks.”
“So, I couldn’t help but notice that you had pictures with Justin Bieber… do you know him, or are you just a fan?”
“I know him.”
“Oh cool. How?”
Max is now offline.

It was clear to me that Max was just having a bad day so I’d have to wait until tomorrow when he would most likely be in a better mood.
The next day, I tried to talk to Max, but he didn’t answer. Apparently, it was a bad week, so I waited until the next week to try again.
As soon as I got home from school that Monday, I instant messaged him.
“Hey! Long time no talk!”
“Not really.”
“Ha, ha. Anyways, what’s up?”
“Trying to do my homework.”
“Oh, cool. What school do you go to?”
“Whiteford Academy.”
“And where’s that?”
“No way! I live in Virginia! We’re practically neighbors! Lol. But actually, I have friends in Atlanta that I’m going to go visit in a few weeks. We should totally hang out!”
“I don’t think so.”
“Oh, well, okay. Can I ask you a humongous favor then??”
“Justin’s concert is the week I’m going to Atlanta… is there anyway you can get me a backstage pass and meet and greets? I mean, I already have tickets, but a backstage pass and meet and greets would be better ?.”
“Probably not.”
“Oh, damn. Is Justin all out?”
“Dang. Good thing I at least got tickets earlier then! Ha, ha. Hmmm… so, when does his flight get in?”
“I don’t know I think the twelfth.”
“Oh, sweet! Well I gotta go. Nice talking to you!”



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