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Bieber Fever

Perfect. I knew exactly where I needed to be waiting with a sign that read “IMMA TELL YOU ONE TIME MARRY ME JUSTIN B!” on the twelfth of April: the Hartsfield Jackson Airport in Atlanta. Now I just had to wait.
On April 11th, my mom and I drove to my friend’s house in Atlanta. We ate, unpacked, and then I went online. I had to check Justin Bieber’s Twitter page to see if he had tweeted where he was flying into Atlanta from. He had tweeted and said:
“Long day here in Chicago… But my hometown, Atlanta, in the morning! So excited. Sweet dreams.”
I checked the next day’s incoming flights from Chicago and there were only six. The first one was due at 5:30 AM meaning I had to get up early to be there. I got in bed, but I could hardly sleep! I would be in the arms of Justin Bieber in less than twenty-four hours!
My alarm went off at 4:00 AM and I hopped straight out of bed. I took a quick shower, put some gel in my hair to curl it, did my make up to perfection, and was out the door with my sign by 5:00 AM.
The airport was relatively empty, which was great because Justin would be able to notice me better. I waited at the bottom of the escalator near Baggage Claim listening to Justin’s song “Love Me” and playing solitaire on my iPhone. Finally, at 1:26 PM, Justin walked to Baggage Claim with a swarm of paparazzi around him. I grabbed my sign and ran towards him, but he couldn’t see me in that giant crowd. Naturally, I ran outside, got in my car, and waited by the exit for him.
Justin, his mom, his manager, and his security ran to their car and left the airport as quickly as possible with me close behind. I followed them back to Justin’s house, but I knew it’d be weird if I drove through their gate with them, so I parked outside and hopped the fence. I snuck around the back and saw Justin standing near a window. Just like a movie, this house had a trellis that lead to Justin’s open window. Now all I had to do was climb.
The trellis was harder to climb than I thought, but I reached the top in about ten minutes and clumsily fell through the window. There was no one in the room I landed in, but I could hear someone in the shower. I sat on the bed, happier than ever, until the water turned off.



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