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Bieber Fever

I unrolled my poster and waited for Justin to walk out of the bathroom and meet the girl of his dreams. My heart skipped a beat as the handle turned and…
“What the hell?! Who are you?!” Justin’s manager yelled.
“Oh! Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry! I thought this was Justin’s room! Oh my gosh, this is so embarrassing! I was just waiting on Justin!”
“How did you even get in here?!”
“The window was open!”
“You climbed a two story house and went through a window to meet Justin?! You’re crazy!”
The room’s door opened and Justin and his mom walked in.
“What’s going—wait! Who are you?!” Justin’s mom asked.
“How did you get in here!?” Justin asked.
“She climbed through the window!” Justin’s manager yelled.
I couldn’t take my eyes off of Justin; he looked so cute when he was confused. The rest of the yelling was a blur to me. I began to cry because Justin’s angelic face was so beautiful.
“Security!” Justin yelled.
“Wait, Justin! Can I just ask you one thing?!” I pleaded as security tried to pull me out the door.
“No!” Justin yelled back.
“What’s your Skype name?!” I asked.
I was escorted off the property then drove myself home. I had definitely just made a lasting impression on Justin, and it seemed to me like he was just playing hard to get. I believed this up until today, April 14th, when a lawyer came to my door and handed me a giant yellow envelope with a restraining order inside. Now, I’m sitting on my bed, staring at a packet that tells me I may not contact Justin through MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter, nor can I ever attend his concerts or be within 100 feet of him. Of course, I’m a little but upset, but it’ll blow over. Eventually he will realize that the creeped-out feeling he gets from me is just love forming in his heart, and when he does, I’ll be here waiting.

  • brynne kuntz



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