The day that Gravity multiplied
Is the day that changed the world.
The birds fell out the sky
And all the children lost their curls.

Cause something below was stirring
And a force was pulling down.
And the people’s lids were closing
And their smiles all made a frown.

Then all the trees were pulling downwards
As if growing in reverse.
And the buildings were to follow
It was all getting much worse.

And Isaac Newton shuddered
As his grave began to jolt,
Which I think is only fair
As this was all of his fault.

He was pulled through sand and gravel
Then marble coal and oil,
Through dinosaur remains,
Then at the core began to boil.

He didn’t seem to realise ,
When the apple hit his head,
That this was just the start
Of all the horrors, I have said!

  • Ella Mai



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