Why animals must vote

The Animals Suffrage Society (ASS) helps animals who encounter difficulty voting in elections, and informs the public on this issue.

Primarily, we believe and demand that all animals be given the same rights  as humans. We believe that animals should no longer be regarded legally or morally as property, or treated as resources for human purposes, but should instead be regarded as persons.
Slavery is an evil act, and the world always rises up to reject it  wherever it appears. In the same way any act or attitude which considers animals as properties should be decried. A basis for this argument is the knowledge that human beings are descendants of apes, who are also descendants of some other supposedly inferior life forms. We realise that many people oppress and ill-treat their parents; but that should  not give them the liberty to do the same to other people’s parents.

Some misinformed critics of the concept of animal voting rights argue that animals do not have the capacity to enter into a social contract or make moral choices, and therefore cannot be regarded as possessors of moral rights. This point of view is without proof,and we intend to continue to focus on proving it wrong. A victory which has been quite visible  is that  more people are at last seeing the wisdom of having a dog , a cat or hamster in the house rather than, having a husband, wife or child. This we see as a positive  step for our Society , a moral victory for our cause and  tacit proof that most of us are gradually accepting the fact that animals are of equal and perhaps of superior intelligence to most humans.



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